Referring (Source) Broker/Agent

Receiving Broker/Agent

Referral Fee Particulars

In the event Receiving Broker/Agent receives a commission or other payment for services rendered in connection with a real estate transaction consummated involving the Referred Client (see attachment 1) within ___________________ of the date this Referral Contract is entered into (both parties have signed), Referring Broker/Agent will be entitled to a referral fee*, and Receiving Broker/Agent agrees to pay said referral fee, in the amount of:

The parties hereby agree that the referral fee shall be fully paid by the Receiving Broker/ Agent no later than _______ business days after the transaction is completed.

*Referral fees may be subject to withholding tax or other forms of taxes in the country in which the transaction takes place. Referring agents should be aware of state, provincial, or local laws in their respective markets with regards to paying referrals.


This contract will expire on _______________ (date). If both parties want to cooperate after the expiration date, they will have to execute a new referral contract.

Authorized Referring Broker/Agent
Authorized Referring Broker/Agent

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