Are Eco-Friendly appliances worth it? Here’s what you should know.

Do you agree that changes begin at home? This is true for everything. We, people, caused a lot of environmental degradation hence, we left almost nothing to the next generation. We can make a change, starting with our eco-friendly choices and see if this is something sustainable or not. According to older appliances often use more water and energy than newer models. Donate inefficient appliances to people for whom they would be an improvement (or recycle them) and seek out Energy Star-certified replacements. The U.S. Department of Energy now requires manufacturers of all major home appliances to have their products tested for energy efficiency. The latest home appliances are now flooding the market that will comfort you with their high-end technology and assuage your conscience with their green nature.

Here are some quick tips when buying Appliances.

1.     Energy Star Dishwasher 

ENERGY STAR certified dishwashers get your dishes clean while:

  • Trimming your utility bills — A standard-sized ENERGY STAR certified dishwasher costs about $35 per year, to run. 
  • Saving gallons of water — A new ENERGY STAR certified dishwasher will save, on average, 3,870 gallons of water over its lifetime.
  • Protecting the environment — More than 60 percent of U.S. electricity is generated by burning coal and natural gas, which releases greenhouse gases and other air pollutants into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change and air quality problems. ENERGY STAR certified dishwashers use less energy than conventional models, helping reduce air pollution and protecting the climate. By reducing water consumption, ENERGY STAR certified dishwashers also help protect our lakes, streams, and oceans. Find out more ways to save water and help protect our nation’s water supply, below.

2.     Cookers: Miele 5957 Induction Top

  • Heating styles for individual cooking habits – The trendsetter. With induction cooking, the heat is generated directly in the pan base. The size of the pan is automatically recognized. The advantages: Practically no energy is lost. Cooking is particularly safe as the areas surrounding the cooking zone stays relatively cool.
  • Concentrated power boost for rapid heat-up times – PowerFlex zones are particularly versatile and flexible. Whether individual cookware, particularly large pasta pans or oven dishes: they can all be used without a problem. The unsurpassed speed thanks to a booster output of up to 7.4 kW is unique.
  • Ceramic glass with all-round stainless-steel frame – The ceramic glass of the cooktop is protected on all sides by a high-end stainless-steel frame. Various frame designs are available to choose from.

3.     Energy Star Refrigerators – Refrigerators that have earned the ENERGY STAR are available in many popular configurations from brands including Arctic King, Beko, Electrolux, Frigidaire, GE, Haier, Kenmore, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Viking, and many more.

  • Size matters – If you buy a refrigerator too small for your needs and keep it packed full, the refrigerator will have to work harder and use extra energy. Similarly, oversize refrigerators keep excessive space cool. Refrigerators smaller than 25 cubic feet should meet the needs of most households.
  • Slash your energy bills – ENERGY STAR certified refrigerators are about 9 percent more energy-efficient than models that meet the federal minimum energy efficiency standard.
  •  Configuration matters too – Consumer Reports measured the usable space in a refrigerator and found that top freezer models average about 80 percent usable space, bottom freezers average 67 percent and side-by-side units average 63 percent. Know too that side-by-side refrigerators use roughly 20 percent more electricity than other models.

4. LG 55E9 55-inch E9 OLED 4K TV

  • Sustainability and Eco-design award – The January 2019 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) gave a Sustainability and Eco-design award, CES noted the model was “…made of eco-friendly and recyclable materials including natural glass
  • LG E9 design – A gorgeous-looking set with elegant, minimalist stylings
  • LG E9 sound quality – A surprisingly robust and expansive sound

5. EnergyStar Light Bulbs 

  • Reduced energy bills – Eco-friendly light bulbs are gaining popularity throughout the world because of their reduced environmental impact and the money saved by reduced energy bills. By using less electricity for the same amount of light, eco-friendly light bulbs help reduce carbon output. Despite recent advances in renewable energy, a majority of the world’s electricity is created by means of coal-burning power plants and other carbon-producing methods
  • Proper Disposal of Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Light Bulb – Despite the energy-saving advantages of CFL light bulbs, in order to maximize their eco-friendly potential, they must be properly disposed of after they burn out. This is because there is a small amount of the element mercury contained within each bulb. The amount is minimal (over 100 times smaller than the amount found in most mercury thermometers), but is required for fluorescent light bulbs to function and no substitute has yet been found. Mercury is a naturally-occurring element and can be found in the air, soil, and water in small amounts. These natural deposits of mercury are small and are generally not considered a health threat.
  • Lifetime of LED Lighting Products – The useful life of LED lighting products is defined differently than that of other light sources, such as incandescent or compact fluorescent lighting (CFL). LEDs typically do not “burn out” or fail. Instead, they experience ‘lumen depreciation’, wherein the brightness of the LED dims slowly over time.

To sum it up, we should start caring for our environment by starting from our home, due to countless benefits in several areas like health, environment, lifestyle, places for recreation and peace of mind.

A green home is a type of house designed to be environmentally sustainable. Green homes focus on the efficient use of “energy, water, and building materials”. A green home may utilize sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly, and/or recycled building materials.

Nevertheless, it’s not too late to do small actions in a great way, and the best time is TODAY!

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